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Thursday, March 13, 2014

March sun!

 After record breaking rain in February and the first part of March (in the first week we got more than double the monthly average), we have finally had a break in the rain and clouds and have seen the sun!  Everything seems to be better when the sun comes out, at least that's how I feel, especially after so much rain.
One good thing about the ground being wet was that the weeds and other plants I wanted to dig up came out very easily!

The fish are much more active now.  Lots of bulbs poking up.

Golden Mock Orange leaves are so pretty when the sun shines through them.

Hellebore 'Cotton Candy'

Old fashioned Bleeding Hearts have really taken off growing.

The path garden.

Gracie liked the sun too.  

The Littlest Gardener got a new rabbit, she named him Huckleberry.  He is a Holland Lop, but his ears never lopped so the breeder sold him as a pet.  Apparently his father is the "top Lop" in the country.  He is very small and very sweet.

Rainbow the Brahma chicken has been hanging out in the nesting box lately.  I think she may be broody, which means she wants to hatch some eggs.  We have no rooster so that won't happen.

Lots of plants coming up.

I don't have good luck with daffodils, this is one of two.  Not sure why they never return the next year.

Last week I couldn't wait any longer and started some seeds.  I put row covers on and now a week later I already see some spinach sprouts!  My biggest gardening goal this year is to grow a good and productive vegetable garden.

The copper tape around the bed is to hopefully keep the slugs out.  I learned in the master gardener program that copper will repel the slugs, but you have to be sure there are no plants or anything else to make a bridge over the copper.  It will be a good experiment to see how well it really works this year.

Lots of fresh soil waiting for plants!

Cherry and plum trees are starting to bloom around here.

The new little pond with a glass float I bought at the Northwest Flower and Garden show.

Tiny tulips that add a lot of color!

The front porch.

We are trying something new this spring, a project that Sweet Pea wanted to do.  Once we get started I'll share what it is.
My sister, who moved to Vermont this winter, told us they got 19 inches of snow overnight!!   I can't even imagine, and that is just from last night.  I keep seeing on the news about all the snow and cold in the Midwest and back east.  Hopefully spring is on its way there soon too!
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  1. Catherine it is great to see sun, warmth and flowers. Everything is looking beautiful in your garden just as the plants are starting to grow....we are buried in white again here.

  2. Los narcisos desaparecen si los comen los ratones, es una de las causas por las que no suelen aparecer.

  3. Keep crossing your fingers for us, lots of snow still on the ground but 50 degrees today. It I so good to see some green coming out of the ground.


  4. It is wonderful to see signs of life in the garden, isn't it? Looking great! Heather

  5. Hi Catherine! Nice to see your beautiful gardens are coming to life. Aren't you glad we don't live back east. I can't imagine 19 inches of snow overnight either. I almost feel guilty for our mild weather. Almost. Gracie, Rainbow and Huckleberry look very well-loved. And the rock/birdbath next to your emerging bleeding heart is so sweet. I hear it's supposed to be decent this weekend. I hope you can get a out and enjoy your garden. Cheers.

  6. Your yard and gardens are really coming alive Catherine. The sunshine just makes everyone feel better I think. I know I couldn't wait to get out in it and work in the flowerbeds and yard.Yours is always ahead of mine but I see shoots of green here and there and it just makes me happy after this winter especially. LOL! Have a great week.

  7. Doesn't sunshine just make life great? Even my 2-year old has been saying, 'sunshine, sunshine' when he notices it streaming through the window lately. Has your spring been as early as ours is over here in eastern Washington? I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't plunge back down to cold temps, but that seems like too much to ask.

  8. Hi! I don't think it's early, it's been really wet. We did have a few days in the upper 50's but it was cool again today. We had a frost a couple mornings ago too.

  9. What a bright spot in my day! I am one of those Easterners who received a good deal of snow this week - Spring is delayed. The Red-winged black birds are now overdue by five days from last year - that is the longest spread of time in all the years I have been recording their arrival. I love your little pond - it is exactly what I want to add to my garden! I hope you do not mind if I pinned it to my native pond board on Pinterest. I feel that sun right through this computer screen - thank you.

    1. I don't mind at all that you pinned the pond. We used a half barrel liner for it, and it's just perfect.
      I hope you see the Red-winged black birds soon. It sounds like your half of the country is still seeing a lot of snow. We're back to rain and more rain here :(

  10. Hi Catherine! I hope you've enjoyed the past few days of warmth ~ it' been amazing and so refreshing after our bout with the pineapple express. Where did you get the 'pesticide free zone' sign in your garden? I need one to remind my neighbors ;) I'm excited for you and your veggie garden. Your post is a good reminder to me to get my seeds started this weekend. Cheers!

    1. Hi Jenni! We are back to all that darn rain again. This sure has been a wet month!
      That sign came from Washington toxics coalition. I bet Oregon has something like that.

  11. We have 3 feet of snow in our yard and another foot is expected tomorrow. I seriously enjoyed your spring photos. I needed some hope.

  12. Catherine, your garden looks GREAT! Way farther along than mine (as always) but I always love seeing what's happening there. You have so much going on with the plants, chickens, bunnies, etc. Happy spring! Hope you get lots of sunny days.

  13. Wow, your garden is looking great. We had a nice break in the weather last weekend and managed to get some clean up done. It felt good. That hellebore is just gorgeous!! We haven't had a broody hen yet, lucky us.

  14. Wonderful to see everything coming up in your garden Catherine. That new little pond is so sweet :-)

  15. Spring have finaly arrived - hurray!!! It looks about the same in my garden and the sun is back. We haven´t had any sun at all in Januari and Februari... Your garden looks great and that cute little rabbit... Me and The Carpenter still have out youngest doughters (she moved away last year) rabbit living with us and we adore him. He´s a god company and he loves to run around inside the house :)

  16. Loved taking a turn in your garden. It is so lovely, can't wait to see when things are blooming. Beautiful pond too!

  17. How lovely to see your garden waking up for the season! And your pets are as cute as ever. Sorry I haven't been keeping up, will try to pop by more often. :)

  18. Wonderful to see signs of spring! Hope the copper strips work against those slimy slugs.
    Happy spring and summer!

  19. Olá suas fotos são maravilhosas.
    Adorei conhecer seu jardim.


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